At JM Telecom we believe in giving you accurate information to make an informed decision about any aspect of your communications network.  Below is a list to guide you in how to decide which head set will be best suited for you or your staff.  Here are a few things to consider when choosing a headset.


In order to choose the right head set you need to understand what it is going to be used for. Will its main function be for answering a phone at reception, does it need to be bluetooth enabled or would you prefer a corded head set that can plug into your phone system. Will the headset be worn by someone who is up and about all day. Each headset can provide you with different functionality to ensure that it is right for you. J M Telecom would be happy to walk you though and evaluate the right headset for you. Click here to contact us.


JM Telecom only provides high quality headsets. In J M Telecom experience using an inferior product based on the cost does not out way the quality for both receiving and outgoing conversations.  It is extremely important to ensure that you use a headset where the sound quality is consistent and accepted by your potential or existing clients.  We have all been on a phone call where the connection is poor and it can become quite frustrating. Ask J M Telecom which headsets you can choose to avoid this potential issue. Click here to contact us.


As Technology advances the options start to become overwhelming! Should I have a VOIP headset? does it need to be blutooth capable?  do they have noise canceling technology? what is the range that my headset can travel?  can I drop a call easily with my new head set? With so many options to evaluate. let J M Telecom advise you on the best features to support your future efforts. Click here to contact us.